Filters for Mining Industry

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Anand Filters is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the best quality industrial filters for Mining and other industries. We are quite aware of the harsh conditions that miners endure in the field, and we understand how our best filters’ solutions can help miners stay safe. Filters used in mining are typically designed with specialized properties for this industry.  Pleated dust collection bag, dust collector cartridge, panel filters, gas turbine intake filters, and stainless steel cartridges are manufactured by Anand Filters and are widely utilized in mining operations. In the increasingly competitive mining industry, mining equipment reliability is a major key performance indicator. Improving business success requires maximizing equipment uptime and extending the life of capital equipment Different Types of Filters in Mining Industry

It is probably the most prevalent form of dust collection filtering system. The dust is collected in the bag, which may subsequently be thrown away or emptied. Materials captured in the bag, on the other hand, can be reused for future production needs.

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Dust Collector Cartridge

Pleated dust collection bags are advancement over traditional filter bags, addressing market demands for improved efficiency and less bag filter area. These items are made of spun-bonded polyester and operate based on surface filtering technology. When compared to ordinary bags, the pleated media delivers 3 to 4 times the filtration area.

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Gas Turbine Intake Filters

To generate electricity, gas turbines combine clean, dry air with fuel. Inlet design and air filtering are critical in turbine performance because intake air quality is critical. Cleaner air is produced by higher filtering efficiency, which promotes more efficient combustion, continuous power generation, and turbines that operate longer.

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Panel Filters

Panel air filters that remove dust and particle impurities from the air are known as panel filters. To clear particulates, they use a negative pressure technique. When air comes into touch with the filter medium's surfaces, it activates a variety of mechanisms that clean the air. The sieve effects of the filters remove particles that are larger than the pore size of the filter media. Large particles with significant mass are carried into the filter at high speeds, collide with the threads, and attach to them due to the inertial mass effect. Lighter particles float to the filter media and are intercepted by the filters due to turbulent flow. Diffusion removes the remaining microscopic particles from the filter.

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Stainless Steel Cartridge 

For oil purification, a stainless steel cartridge filter is employed. Its work is to remove undesired impurities from a variety of fluids. Your application will be more durable thanks to the cartridge. This is because it does not react with various fluids. Durability guarantees that your filtration process runs as efficiently as possible.

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Hydraulic filters

One of the elements that affect the performance of mining equipment is the filtration quality of the lubrication fluid. Incorrect filtration causes component wear, decreased working efficiency, machine stoppage, system failure, and increased maintenance costs. For mining equipment, Anand Filters can supply effective lubrication oil filtration solutions. Our filters are capable of reducing the frequency of routine maintenance and lengthening the equipment's operating life due to their high filtration efficiency. Hydraulic filters are made to trap and contain dangerous impurities, keeping sensitive hydraulic components safe.