Petro Chemicals Industry

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Anand Filters is pleased to present the most advanced filtration solutions for the Petrochemicals Industry. Our innovative filtration and separation technologies provide superior filtration performance with large capacity petrochemical filters for extended on-stream life. It also improves product quality and reduces the frequency of both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance activities. Effective and dependable pollutant removal also enhances the efficiency of downstream operations, which has a direct impact on the equipment's longevity and maintenance downtime. End product quality is improved and operational costs are considerably lowered using our filtration and separation technologies. This results in a direct and beneficial influence on business performance. Petrochemical processes can be particularly sensitive to the presence of pollutants. Water and particles, for example, have a direct impact on each step of the process, leading to more unplanned maintenance, costly downtime, and a considerable drop in end-product quality. Anand Filters are known to design various types of filters that are used in the petrochemical industry. These are used to improve pollutant removal, extend on-stream life, and reduce regular maintenance tasks, resulting in truly simplified process performance.

Types of Filters

Cartridge Filter Housing

Coalescer filters

Liquid/liquid emulsions and liquid/liquid dispersions are effectively separated by coalescer filters. Depending on the process, the filters are available with or without separator stacks. The stack's unique structure optimizes flow dispersion, resulting in a lower size and longer life. Off-spec products’ incidents are reduced as a result of the higher liquid and particulate removal efficiency, saving reprocessing, downgrading, and transportation expenses.

Cartridge Filter Housing

Air Oil Separator

We offer one option for increasing the capacity of a separator while keeping the dimensions the same: increasing the separation area. Air Oil Separator is the spin-on type are interchangeable elements that can be replaced quickly and easily without dismantling the compressor. The spin-on air/oil separators from Anand Filters exceed the highest international requirements thanks to a thorough selection of precise finishing & internal components.

Cartridge Filter Housing

Stainless Steel Cartridge

Fabric or synthetic fiber media have temperature and chemical compatibility limits, which are overcome by stainless steel filter cartridges. This will be extremely resistant to high temperatures and can even endure high differential pressure. It is reusable in nature as it can be backwashed. Owing to its amazing benefits such as long lifetime, high-temperature resistance, and high differential pressure withstanding capacity, it is a much-preferred choice in this industry