Filters for Refineries Industry

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Anand Filters is acclaimed as one of the popular manufacturers and suppliers of filters used in the refinery industry. Refiners are always seeking ways to improve their production capacity, cut costs, and enhance revenue and profits. To achieve this goal, they are constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency while maintaining high–quality products at competitive rates. We have the potential to make a significant contribution to this process of continuous improvement. Our filters improve productivity, dependability, quality, safety, and environmental protection while lowering total operating costs. Anand Filters recognizes the value of enhancing these critical business components. Success in this area can have a significant impact on a refiner's bottom line. Coalescers are used in downstream oil and gas for product refinement. Filter elements can be used to de-humify natural gas in refineries to ensure product purity before commercialization. In oil refineries, mechanical coalescers are used to separate water vapor from hydrocarbon condensate by coalescing the water molecules into bigger particles that are then drained out of the system. The selectivity of the filter element determines the purity of the final products after separation.

Different Types of Filters Used in Refineries Industry

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Coalescer filters

Natural gas can be purified using gas-oil coalescer filters, which remove numerous natural liquids and condensate. Furthermore, by removing impurities such as water vapor and sulphur, coalescing filters are actively utilized to avoid corrosion in oil and gas downstream assets such as compressors, turbines, amine/glycol absorbers, and membrane filtration systems. When installed at the compressor's outlet, coalescing filters can be utilized to recover lubricating oil.

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Air Oil Separator

An oil/gas separator is a pressure vessel used to separate gaseous and liquid components from a good stream. They are either positioned in a processing station on land or an offshore platform. The air oil separator can be classified as horizontal, vertical, or spherical depending on the vessel configuration. It is commonly used to contain spills or in settings where large amounts of oil may be present, such as refineries. They work by depending on the buoyancy of oil in water to induce the oil to ascend to a location where it may be contained.

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Stainless Steel Cartridge

Anand Filters is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of stainless steel cartridge. These are widely used for their high-temperature application fluids, R.O. pre-filtration application, hot-gas filtration, and oil filtration. 

Cartridge Filter Housing

Hydraulic filters

Anand Filters offers a complete range of hydraulic filters that are designed to prevent contamination and keep machinery working smoothly and efficiently. In-line or manifold filtering is possible with hydraulic filters. The element's dirt-holding capacity has been enhanced, shortening the time between service intervals. We manufacture and supply only the highest-quality hydraulic filter items for our customers. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that improve the dependability and efficiency of oil and hydraulic systems.