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VariousTypes of Filters in the Ceramics Industry

Pleated Dust Collection Bag
Pleated dust collection bags are advancement over traditional filter bags, addressing market demands for improved efficiency and less bag filter area. These items are made of spun-bonded polyester and operate based on surface filtering technology. When compared to ordinary bags, the pleated media delivers 3 to 4 times the filtration area.
Dust Collector Cartridge
This has a basic structure, is stable in operation, and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be placed in the room, nearby the machine. It can be used for dust removal in the workshop, as well as a big dust removal technology in the external removal of the toxic effluent gas.
Gas Turbine Intake Filters
This is important for its proper operation. The filtration system preserves hazardous particles away from the gas turbine. This causes various kinds of problems such as erosion, corrosion, and fouling.
Panel Filters
PVC bag filter housings provide an economical alternative to stainless steel. Bag filter systems are designed for high flow rates and high sediment holding capacity.
High Flow Cartridge Filters Housing
The environment transports filth and pollutants that affect machinery and living creatures all around the world. It is when panel filters are needed in ceramic and other industries. Depending on the use, they have secure sieves to filter dust and other pollutants. Importantly, panel filters are simple to install and replace when necessary. Users can have clean air, water, or fuel depending on what is going through the refining process with the help of a high-quality panel filter.
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Filter Cartridge made of stainless steel that has a long life lifetime is easy to clean and is inexpensive. Our ceramic cartridges offer more compact, sleeker faucet types in today's market thanks to a stainless steel stem and fewer parts. Micron filters should be placed in the order of larger microns to smaller microns for the best effects. These cartridges must be updated regularly, depending entirely on the source of the water.

Anand Filters manufactures & supplies filters for the chemical industry in addition to many others. We know how to navigate the complex company growth process that comes with working with multiple markets. Dust is produced by the chemical industry, which includes pigments, insecticides, agricultural chemicals, paints, and so on. Chemical dust is caustic, poisonous, flammable, or explosive, and it frequently contains alkalis and acids. You can’t afford waste or inefficient operations in your company when the competition is fiercer than ever. Anand Filters knows what you’re going through! Our experience in dealing with a variety of chemical industry experts aids us in determining the best, most cost-effective, and easiest-to-maintain filtering systems for your facility. Whether you need to reduce the loss of expensive ingredients or fulfill the most stringent air quality standards, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes. We’ve gathered the most popular dust collector and filter media options used by other customers in your sector over the years to assist you to choose the right dust collector for your environment. Anand Filters’ products, which include Pleated Dust Collection Bag, dust collector cartridge, gas turbine intake filters, panel filters, stainless steel cartridge and hydraulic filters are intended specifically to catch dust created in these processes.


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