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Coalescer filters
Natural gas can be purified using gas-oil coalescer filters, which remove numerous natural liquids and condensate. Furthermore, by removing impurities such as water vapor and sulphur, coalescing filters are actively utilized to avoid corrosion in oil and gas downstream assets such as compressors, turbines, amine/glycol absorbers, and membrane filtration systems. When installed at the compressor's outlet, coalescing filters can be utilized to recover lubricating oil.
Air Oil Separator
Air oil separators work on a fairly basic principle. Separators are used in the oil and gas sector to separate production fluids into oil, gas, and water components. The equipment is used in various areas of the overall process on an offshore site. The oil-infused air enters the filter through a small tube. After that, the air exits the filter through an outlet that is at a sharp angle to the entrance. This turn is possible for the air, but not for the oil, leading it to fall into the filter. When you add in the filter vessel's reduced pressure, a considerable amount of the oil is efficiently eliminated.
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Stainless steel cartridge filters are appropriate for applications involving high temperatures, significant corrosion, or high pressure. These filters are reusable and easy to clean, helping them to last longer. They come in a range of design options, including pleated stainless steel, sintered steel, and wedge wire steel filters.
Hydraulic filters
For many years, Anand Filters has been providing the oil and gas industry. Our years of experience have equipped us with a thorough understanding of the filtration issues that the oil and gas industry encounters. Filter components are suitable for a wide range of liquid and gas applications. Because of their higher dirt holding capacity and particle capture efficiency, micro-fiberglass filter components provide additional protection for your filtration system. Typically, the fibers in our filters are small and consistent in size. This prevents contaminants from entering your system, resulting in extended system life
screw compressor filters
The combination of dirt and dust contamination can cause rotor and housing damage or performance losses. Specific filter components and high-grade filtering efficiency ensure the uptime of your system. Our filters are designed to handle high working pressures and have a long service life due to their excellent dirt holding capacity and temperature resistance.

In terms of process requirements for advanced equipment and plant development, the utilization of high purity gases and oils presents new problems to the industry. High-performance oil and gas filter systems are necessary to reach and maintain the required purity levels and safety norms. Gas and oil filters from Anand Filters are known for their precision, dependability, and safety. The industrial filters we offer are a low-cost way to remove lubricating oils from condensate streams. This heavy-duty device is designed to process multiple types of poly glycol oils at the same time. The separators are capable of running continuously for 24 hours. Additionally, it can remove lubricants to a level that complies with most laws, and they’re built to work in a variety of environments


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