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Panel Filters
Panel filters are utilized as the primary filter in industrial, medical, commercial, and institutional HVAC systems, as well as prefilters to protect and extend the life of expensive final filters. Panel filters capture bigger particles in ventilation intake air or recirculation air to protect HVAC system components and/or increase the life of secondary filters in all applications.
HEPA Filters
Complex stages are involved in all types of dairy processing to ensure that consumers obtain milk free of bacteria and spoilage. Milk, cheese, yogurt, whey protein, newborn formula, and other dairy products all have their own set of production concerns that must be addressed before they are deemed safe for consumption. Multi-stage HEPA filters and antimicrobial filters are essential infiltration systems and equipment to remove harmful particles from the air and comply with the dairy industry's stringent rules. In the beverage production process, proper air filtration, HEPA filters, and antimicrobial filters prevent bacteria
PTFE Filter Cartridge
Anand Filters is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PTFE filter cartridges for use in sensitive dairy, food, and beverage industries. You can count on us to provide a reliable solution for your filtering or separation needs. We employ PTFE filter cartridges for fine filtration of process fluids. Filters can be used in a variety of ways in the food and beverage sector, including treating the finished product. Juices and soft drinks are examples. In addition, filters are needed during the cleaning/preparation process to treat RO filtered water.
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Stainless steel cartridges from Anand Filters are the ideal instrument for guaranteeing that only culinary-grade steam is utilized in your food and beverage preparation process. For all of your food and beverage processing concerns, we offer high purity, cost-effective filtration solutions.
Hydraulic Filters
To assure product quality, the food and beverage industry requires a variety of food-grade filtering systems. Anand Filters has filtration solutions for every food and beverage business segment. Filtration systems are crucial in hydraulic systems, which circulate fluids in a relatively closed system yet can be contaminated by internal and external particles. Filters can assist to keep the operation consistent and extend the life of hydraulically powered equipment, minimizing downtime and inefficiency.
screw compressor filters
The combination of dirt and dust contamination can cause rotor and housing damage or performance losses. Specific filter components and high-grade filtering efficiency ensure the uptime of your system. Our filters are designed to handle high working pressures and have a long service life due to their excellent dirt holding capacity and temperature resistance.

Anand Filters manufactures & supplies several filters that are used in the dairy, food and beverage industry for different processing applications. Filtration is a key part of the manufacturing process in these industries. With our offered filters for full air quality solutions, you can achieve sanitary air quality and limit the risk of contamination in the dairy production process. With pure, filtered air in your processing facilities, you can protect your high-risk dairy process from pollutants and extend product shelf life. These are energy-efficient filters, which have been carefully tested and certified to standards and are suited for different applications. It assists firms all over the world in reducing the risk of contamination and meeting stringent regulatory requirements. In the food and beverage sector, filtration is an important aspect of the process. Filtration keeps meals fresher for longer, extends the shelf life of snacks, prevents beverages from degrading too quickly, and improves the flavor and smell of vegetables. Filtration is essential for the proper operation of food processing equipment, including the protection of RO membranes used in the manufacturing of potable water and flavor concentration. Successful food and beverage production and processing necessitate clean air and excellent indoor air quality. It’s critical to keep outside contaminants out of the building and to protect your products, equipment, and people from harmful air particles. Custom air filters are used in all areas of the food and beverage processing industry to preserve pristine air quality and prevent contamination. For best efficiency, each piece of equipment or unique HVAC system may require its own custom-made filter, whether conventional, carbon or HEPA.


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