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Pleated Dust Collection Bag
Pleated dust collecting bags are becoming increasingly popular in the field of dust collection. These are made of 100 percent polyester media with various coatings applied according to the application
Dust Collector Cartridge
Dust extraction systems are an important part of chemical manufacturing processes, whether it's for detergents, paints, dyes, and pigments, or the creation of plastics. Welding, grinding, bulk powder, foundries, and other industries use cartridge dust collectors.
Gas Turbine Intake Filters
Anand Filters manufactures & supplies high-tech gas turbine intake filters for use in a variety of operating situations around the world. We offer first-fit and replacement filter element solutions for higher gas turbine efficiency, based on our extensive gas turbine experience and comprehensive choice of high-quality media and materials. Even in the most polluted conditions, they offer high-efficiency filtration of dust and other impurities.
Panel Filters
Panel filters are well-known for removing particulates from raw ingredients and protecting downstream operations. For sub-micron-sized pollutants, depth filter media or membrane filters can remove particulate or crystals. By removing visible particles and preventing bacterial contamination of important solutions, final filtration ensures the quality of chemical products.
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Fabric or synthetic fiber media have temperature and chemical compatibility limits, which are overcome by stainless steel cartridges. Owing to its benefits and features such as High permeability, Stable pore shapes, No media migration, excellent mechanical strength, it is widely in demand in the chemical industry.
Hydraulic filters
Hydraulic filters are used at various places throughout a system to catch impurities that are generated at various stages of the process in the chemical industry. Filters would be placed before and after the pump, in the return lines, off-line, and within the reservoir for optimal filtering. A hydraulic filter's job is to eliminate impurities at a precise point in the system's operation.

Anand Filters manufactures & supplies filters for the chemical industry in addition to many others. We know how to navigate the complex company growth process that comes with working with multiple markets. Dust is produced by the chemical industry, which includes pigments, insecticides, agricultural chemicals, paints, and so on. Chemical dust is caustic, poisonous, flammable, or explosive, and it frequently contains alkalis and acids. You can’t afford waste or inefficient operations in your company when the competition is fiercer than ever. Anand Filters knows what you’re going through! Our experience in dealing with a variety of chemical industry experts aids us in determining the best, most cost-effective, and easiest-to-maintain filtering systems for your facility. Whether you need to reduce the loss of expensive ingredients or fulfill the most stringent air quality standards, our knowledgeable staff can assist you in achieving the best possible outcomes. We’ve gathered the most popular dust collector and filter media options used by other customers in your sector over the years to assist you to choose the right dust collector for your environment. Anand Filters’ products, which include Pleated Dust Collection Bag, dust collector cartridge, gas turbine intake filters, panel filters, stainless steel cartridge and hydraulic filters are intended specifically to catch dust created in these processes.


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