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Commonly used Filters in Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry

Panel Filters
The panel filters by Anand Filters come with high-quality filter media as standard, ensuring the best dust collection performance possible. These pleated filters are distinguished by their outstanding filtration capabilities. The particle interception level is high due to the gradual construction of the synthetic filter media. These technologies ensure lower air resistance and, as a result, lower energy consumption
HEPA Filters
HEPA filters by Anand Filters are distinguished by their creative design and tried-and-true technology. The acronym HEPA refers to a high-efficiency particle air filter. These filters are able to deliver extremely high air purity due to the use of high-grade materials. Each individual filter is tested once the assembly process is completed in compliance with the established requirements.
PTFE Filter Cartridge
Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) stands for Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene. Organic chemicals and strong acids are filtered using these cartridges. Essentially, this filter is meant to manage components that are both vital and aggressive. The cartridges' polypropylene construction ensures excellent chemical & thermal compatibility with substances of both high and low pH. PTFE filter cartridges are used to filter liquids, air, and gases in a sterile manner. In pharmaceutical applications, this filter cartridge is commonly utilized.
Stainless Steel Cartridge
The stainless steel filter cartridge is the best choice for high viscosity and high-temperature applications. This filter cartridge is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel of standard quality. The cartridges are designed to be reusable and easily cleaned. Stainless steel is excellent for handling corrosive air or liquids. We provide a large selection of SS filter cartridges in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
screw compressor filters
The combination of dirt and dust contamination can cause rotor and housing damage or performance losses. Specific filter components and high-grade filtering efficiency ensure the uptime of your system. Our filters are designed to handle high working pressures and have a long service life due to their excellent dirt holding capacity and temperature resistance.

Anand Filters create a sanitary environment that adheres to ISO Class standards and restrictions on particle size and number. Companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors use various types of filters in cleanrooms and other sterile areas for the manufacturing of their products as a result of rising product purity rules. We provide the controlled environment you need to conduct research studies, clinical trials, experiments, analysis, or laboratory testing using the highest quality filters available. For additional information about our filters for various types of filtration choices, please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss your project’s specific requirements.


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