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Filters used in Power Plant Industry

Dust Collector Cartridge
We provide a diverse selection of dust collector cartridge that is used in a variety of sectors to filter the air from dust particles created by machinery. Our dust collector cartridge ensures complete protection against harmful contaminants in the workplace.
Gas Turbine Intake Filters
Turbine performance maintenance is a crucial part of power generating. Contaminating the turbines diminishes their capability to generate electricity by reducing their ability to run. They can remove impurities from the fluid and hence boost power production by installing them in certain applications
Panel Filters
In industries, panel filters are used to retain particles ranging from 1-50 microns in size. These filters are air intake filters that function with systems that have negative pressure. Innovative air filtration technologies can be a competitive advantage in highly competitive and regulated sectors, as they have a significant impact on operational profitability. Understanding the local site circumstances allows you to optimize air inlet systems to satisfy your operation and maintenance requirements, as well as boost service internals and output. In many power production applications, air filtering is crucial.
HEPA filters
Reduced flow rate, increased servicing costs, and poorer turbine availability will all cost a power plant a lot of money if the gas turbine input filtering is ineffective. Faced with these financial consequences, Anand Filters have turned to HEPA (High Effectiveness Particulate Air) filters to improve the efficiency of their inlet filtration system and, as a result, their gas turbine
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Anand Filters offers filtration solutions for the power plant industry that can increase equipment reliability while lowering expenses. Condensate polishing, stator cooling water treatment, and other applications are carried out effectively with Stainless Steel cartridges. Our team is always available to assist you in selecting the ideal stainless steel filter cartridge depending on your filtration accuracy, pressure, temperature, flow rate, and other factors. The filter cartridge is primarily utilized in the treatment of condensate and boiler feed water.
screw compressor filters
The combination of dirt and dust contamination can cause rotor and housing damage or performance losses. Specific filter components and high-grade filtering efficiency ensure the uptime of your system. Our filters are designed to handle high working pressures and have a long service life due to their excellent dirt holding capacity and temperature resistance.

Get the various filtration systems by Anand Filters to provide the best possible protection for your equipment. You can avoid production losses and save a lot of money on maintenance. Filtration is an important part of the power generation process. Proper filtration is essential for attaining environmental performance, whether it’s sustaining the performance of gas-fired turbines or limiting the discharge of fly ash from coal or other solid-fuel chimneys. Filtration of sealing water from turbine bearings is also done with Anand filter systems.

Pleated dust collection bags are becoming increasingly popular in the field of dust collection. These are made of 100% spun-bonded polyester media with various coatings applied according to the application. To accommodate desired filtering area, this spun-bonded medium is pleated in various pleated depths and heights. Due to the surface filtration provided by spun-bonded filter material, pleated bags have far higher throughput and a lower pressure drop across the filter than standard tube-type filter bags. When compared to standard bags, the pleated shape provides about 3–4 times the filtration area.


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