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Different Types of Filters in the Ceramics Industry

Pleated Dust Collection Bag
Pleated dust collecting bags are becoming increasingly popular in the field of dust collection. These are made of 100 percent polyester media with various coatings applied according to the application
Dust collector cartridge
It is made of 100% polyester media, similar to pleated dust collection bags, with various coatings depending on the use.
Gas turbine intake filters
Modern and dependable gas turbine air intake filter cartridges are available at Anand Filters. Even in the most polluted conditions, they ensure high-efficiency dust and another contaminant filtering.
Panel Filters
In industries, panel filters are used to retain particles ranging in size from 1 mm to 50 microns. These filters are air intake filters that function with systems that have negative pressure.
Stainless Steel Cartridge
Fabric or synthetic fiber media have temperature and chemical compatibility limits, which are overcome by stainless steel filter cartridges.
Hydraulic Filters
Hydraulic filters assist in the removal of pollutants from the hydraulic fluid as it passes through the system. Many of these particles are too small to be seen with the human eye. But it doesn't rule out the possibility of them wreaking havoc on your hydraulic system and final drive motors.

Large amounts of cooling water are necessary for the steel industry for various manufacturing processes. Most of the time well, river or lake water is used. Negative effects on plant equipment may arise depending on the degree of water contamination. Pumps, seals, and other pipe systems can be damaged if heat exchangers or spray nozzles become clogged.  Use Anand Filters various filtration systems to provide the best possible protection for your equipment. You can avoid production losses and save a lot of money on maintenance. For the production of high-quality steel, the quality of the cooling water is critical. The quality of the end product will be lowered if the cooling water contains particles that clog the spray nozzles. Due to the unplanned shutdown of production lines, this could result in significant output losses.


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