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Anand Filters is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of a very wide range of air compressor filters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Compressor line filters, sometimes called compressed air filters, air line filters, and air compressor line filters, regulate the amount of solid and liquid moisture in the air. We offer prompt online assistance and qualified advice on air compressor filters. We ensure the highest quality level and are flawless in all aspects of the air compressor filters to provide you with the best possible product experience.


Anand Filters designs and manufactures a wide range of air/oil separators specifically for installation in screw and rotary vane compressors. Multiple options of configuration and composition allow us separators to meet the requirements of the entire compressor applications

Spin-On Separators

Spin-on type filters are exchangeable elements that permit a quick and easy replacement without dismantling the compressor. Anand Filters spin-on air/oil separators meet the elevated international standards by means of a careful choice of the internal components and accurate finishing.

Air Filters

Our air filters are the first line of protection for any compressor. We offer the highest efficiency range of adaptable air cartridges and a series of air filters that do not require housings. The production has focused on steel and plastic versions, with cellulose and polyester filtering media.

Oil Filters

Only clean oil can permanently ensure consistent performance in an oil circuit; therefore, oil filters are our main concern. As the demands of oil filters for compressor and vacuum pumps vary, Anand Filters manufacturers a complete line of oil filters, provided with or without bypass valve, using mostly cellulose or fibre glass filtering media.

Reciprocating Compressor Filters

Anand filters offers top quality of Air Filters For Reciprocating Compressor to avoid the down time of the compressor. Our air filters products are manufactured with latest technology, reliable and very much durable for reciprocating Compressors which are built for continuous duty application.

Types of air compressor filters are available at Anand Filters?

Anand Filters provides a range of air compressor filters to meet various industrial needs:

Separators: Air oil separators are very essential for compressor filtration. Compressed air from the compressor end contains oil droplets. Tiny oil droplets linger in the air, but the tank separates the larger ones. Airflow through separators collides with tiny oil droplets to generate larger ones. They descend to the separator’s bottom along the fibers of the filtration media, and the system scavenges them to the compressor air end.

Spin-on separators: The spin-on air oil separator has a housing and elements. It makes air compressor maintenance and replacement easy and effective. It significantly reduces compressed air oil content, and returns filtered oil to the compressor.

Air Filters: Air flows through the filter screen in all air filters. The filter media (material) captures pollen, dust, pet dander, filth, and allergies from the air.

Oil Filters: The purpose of the compressor oil filter is to keep the lubricating oil clean and shield the compressor’s air end from contamination and dust.

Reciprocating Compressor Filters: Reciprocal air compressor filters draw gas via an inlet and then force it through a decreasingly sized cavity or chamber. The gas is compressed, raising the pressure inside the chamber.


How does a compressed air filter work?

Air compressor filters, or airline filters, shield compressed air from liquid and solid pollutants entering compression assemblies. Compressed air contains significant levels of dirt, water, oil, and other particulates, potentially comprising dangerous metals like lead or mercury. 

Compressor air filters, also known as air compressor filters, eliminate impurities from the flowing air, ensuring that vital system parts like valves and cylinders operate without interruption. They also prolong the life of your compressor by preventing seals from expanding and wearing out too soon. Because of these qualities, air filtration is necessary for an air compressor to operate well, which leads to less downtime, clean air, and lower energy expenses.


How to Choose the Right Screw Compressor Filter for Your System

A filter element and an air filter assembly make up the screw air compressor filters. The external connection is attached to the air to filter dust, particles, and other contaminants into the air compressor’s air intake valve via a joint and a threaded pipe.

Types of Contaminants: Determine the primary sources of toxins in your air supply. 

Efficiency of Filter: Select a filter based on its suitability for your requirements. 

Maintenance Requirements: Consider the frequency of replacement and simple maintenance.

Anand Filters offers expert guidance to assist you in selecting the best screw compressor filters for your particular needs.

Why Anand Filters is the best choice for air compressor filters in India.

Anand Filters is one of the top suppliers of compressor air filters and innovative screw compressor filters supplier in India. Our dedication to excellence and our client satisfaction makes us the top option for air compressor filters in India. Our clients depend on our goods, services, and solutions every day for operations that are secure, dependable, and effective all over the world. In various markets, including general engineering, manufacturing and process industries, construction, and much more, our solutions assist clients in achieving sustainable productivity. To guarantee the manufacturing of premium industrial filters and screw compressor filters suppliers in India, we uphold strict quality requirements. Accredited with ISO 9001, we are dedicated to using quality management systems.

Screw Compressor Filters Supplier in India

Anand Filters is a leading and trusted name into the Screw Compressors filters manufacturer, Supplier and exporter in India. We offer customized air filters, atlas copco rotary screw compressor parts, oil filters, Screw Compressors Filters Parts which are manufactured with high quality material and these are designed to remove airborne solid and liquid contaminants which can plug small orifices and affect tool performance. Anand Filters is pioneer in 100% Replacement and Compatible Air Filters of Atlas Copco, Elgi, Ingersoll Rand Screw Compressors, Compressed Air Filters, Industrial Air Compressor Filters, Dust Collector, Compressor Air Filter, Screw Compressor Spares, Screw Compressor Filters, Screw Air Compressors Filters, Air Compressor Spare, Screw Compressor Spare Parts, Air Oil Filter Kit, Air Filter ELGI Compressor, OEM Quality Screw Compressor Air Filters, Atlas Copco Compressor Air Filter. These filters are manufactured at our ultra-modern manufacturing unit by using the best quality material and progressive technology in conformance with quality standards. We are providing compressor filters with precise design, High Durability with Low maintenance.

We offer wide range of air filters & compressor like filters, oil separator, air compressor, separator, compressor, oil filter, Ingersoll rand compressor. These compressors filters have gained huge accolades for their excellent performance. These filters are high in demand in the international market


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A crucial component of any compressor installation is the compressor air filter. An excellent air compressor filter will shield your system from solid particles, oil, dirt, and particulates. These dangerous pollutants can wear down parts, create blockages in downstream machinery, and harm your equipment.

Air compressors use air filters to eliminate big particles, dirt, and other atmospheric air pollutants, much like human lungs do for the air we breathe. For this reason, maintaining a long product life for your compressed air system and generating clean air depends heavily on air filtering.

The primary types of air compressor filters are particulate filters, coalescing filters, activated carbon filters, and vapor removal filters. Each is designed to remove a particular kind of impurity.

Certain compressor filters, such as coalescing and vapor removal, are designed to remove moisture from compressed air. It avoids damage and ensures that the compressor supplies dry air.

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