ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Anand Filters is one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of industrial flirters based in Ahmedabad, India. Being an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, we offer a wide range of filter media used in the Cement industry. It is used to overcome problems such as blinding, excess moisture, and stack dusting. Every year, the cement industry handles billions of tonnes of dust and does an excellent job of keeping it out of the environment. The permitted dust emissions from cement factories have steadily decreased over time. The numerous production procedures, from the stone quarry to the concrete mixer, produce a substantial amount of dust. Effective filtration systems are required to eliminate this dust. Dust collector catridges from Anand Filters consistently reduce dust emissions while also assisting you in lowering operating costs. We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of filters used in Cement Industry such as: .

Cartridge Filter Housing

Pleated Dust Collection Bag

Pleated dust collecting bags are becoming increasingly popular in the field of dust collection. These are made of 100 percent polyester media with various coatings applied according to the application

Cartridge Filter Housing

Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges

We are a leading Pleated Dust Collection Cartridge Manufacturer & Supplier in Gujarat, India. Our Pleated Dust Collection Cartridges may be customized with different coatings on 100% polyester media to meet the needs of the application. Pleated Dust Collection Bags and cartridges have a similar form and structure to pleated bags. The filtering area is the only visible difference between the two. Our pleated cartridges come in a choice of paper filter media and treatment options to meet the needs of your application.

Cartridge Filter Housing

Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter

Pleated filter media outperform standard filter media in terms of filtration effectiveness, fine retention, cleaning, and aesthetic appeal. Gas turbine air intake filter cartridges are one of the reliable options to choose from. These are constructed of a polyester and cellulose blend, as well as Nanofiber media.

Cartridge Filter Housing

Panel Filters

Cement is made up of abrasive dust particles that are extremely hard. Because this dust is so rough, it quickly wears out filter bags. This necessitates regular upkeep. We specialize in implementing unique solutions as one of the best quality Panel Filter manufacturers & suppliers in Gujarat, India. Panel filters are of three types namely, Primary Filters, Secondary Filters, and HEPA filters.

Cartridge Filter Housing

Pocket Filters

Pocket filters are comprised of non-woven synthetic fibre media that ensures solid particle retention up to the micron level specified. The filter provides high air volume, and have good mechanical strength.