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Before solidified, filter paper of air filter shall be pleated and molded. Before filter paper of air filter element is completely solidified, its temperature is 20~100°C, featuring thermo plasticity. That is, its form can be molded conveniently. Besides, the treated form still can remain unchanged. To ensure the effectiveness of the total filter paper face and extend its service life under the influence of mechanical condition caused when it bounces and is vibrated at running time of the air compressor motor and main engine, press the bulge used to keep the function of spacing into the filter paper. The part used to keep spacing is called pressure bubble, crumple or bulging design. By combining the pleated graphs supported and optimized by pap, the maximum filter area can be obtained in relatively small space.

Plastic end cap air filter:

  • According to different installation, we produce single and double-pass structure.
  • Plastic color is divided into: black, pink, bright red and blue
  • Hardness of plastic is divided into: (shore A), 25,130,60° and 90°
  • Filter precision: 5 um: filter efficiency: 99.8%

Metal end cap air filter

Iron end cap air filter structure can be divided into single and double-pass and non-standard peculiar structure. We will select filter paper of different precisions according to different products, so that we can produce products with lower pressure drop and higher filter efficiency for user to choose.

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