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The most important component of the compressor filtration system is the air oil separator. Separators of high quality have a long service life.

Numerous oil droplets are carried by compressed air from the compressor’s air end. Small oil droplets with a diameter of less than 1 micron will be sustained in the air while larger oil droplets are separated as soon as they approach the tank. Small oil droplets clash and combine to generate larger droplets as they travel through separators with the air circulation. when the size of these oil droplets is unsustainable in the air. They will drop to the separator’s bottom along the fibres of the filtration media and then be transported back to the compressor air end by a scavenge tube.

When constructing each model of air oil separators, each Filter is analysed that may have an impact on the separation process in order to achieve high separation efficiency, minimum pressure drop, dependability, and extended life span.

  • Air flow rate and air current velocity are the first of these parameters.
  • Working temperature and pressure.
  • The pressure tank’s diameter and splash shield’s design.
  • The space between the oil level and the separator.
  • The pressure tank’s air intake’s diameter and angle.
  • Viscosity of oil.

Applications: oil lubricated screw compressors

Installation: inside separator tank

oil content Residual: less than 3 PPM

Operating temperature: up to 120°C

Initial pressure drop: less than 0. 2 bar

  • Low pressure drop and energy saving
  • High quality filtration media
  • Low oil consumption
  • Reliable and stable
  • Compact design
  • Long life span

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