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Compressor oil filter is designed to remove contaminants from lubricating oil, keep the oil clean protect compressor air end from damage by dust and contaminants.

Anand FIlters supplies a wide range of oil filters. including oil filter elements and spin on oil filters for screw and vane compressor applications.

Anand Filters offers H type oil filters (working pressure 14 bar) , HD type oil filters (working pressure 20-25 bar) and F type oil filters (service life 4000 hours). Oil filters can be equipped with by-pass valve or anti-drainback valve as needed.

As for filter material of lubricating oil filter, super fine glass fiber composite filter material manufactured by HV and wood pulp are used to filter solid particle, impurities and oil degraded article in lubricating oil to protect the revolving parts such as main engine.

Filter precision: 10-15 micron.

The service life of lubricating oil filter element is around 2000h the quality and its service life is severely influenced by the quality and environment of lubricating oil.


  • Apply lubricating oil on the surface of the sealing gasket when installing.
  • Mixed use of Inferior lubricating oil and that with trademark unmatched will facilitate the generation of carbon deposits and lead to the reduction in the service life of the lubricating oil filter element.
  • High quality filtration media
  • Reliable and stable
  • Easy fitting and compact design
  • Long life span
  • Oil-lubricated compressors
  • Operating temperature: Up to 120°C
  • Max. Operating pressure: 14 to 35 bar
  • Nominal flow rates: 20 to 200 L/min

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